How a Customer Profile Can Increase Productivity and Sales

Writing for your target audience can increase sales.

How a Customer Profile Can Increase Productivity and Sales

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How do you connect with your customers? Do you know who your ideal customer is, or are you still trying to sell everything to everyone?

I recently attended a networking event for female entrepreneurs. In attendance was a woman who had recently retired from her 30-year career and started a Rodan & Fields consulting business. She became a consultant because she loved the products, but she was still developing her sales technique and found that side of the business to be challenging. Trying to be supportive, several people offered encouragement and advised her to continue tell EVERYONE about her products.

I know they meant well, but the entrepreneurs gave the consultant bad advice. Sure, if she told EVERYONE about her product she would eventually see an increase in sales, but she would have exhausted herself by essentially throwing rocks at a moving target. Her time and energy would have been better spent creating a customer profile and honing her message.

Creating a customer profile allows you to better connect with your target customer. Your target customer is the customer that you enjoy working with; it’s the customer that reminds you of why you started your business, and why you continue to do what you do. And it isn’t a one-sided relationship. Your target customer loves your business and your products so much that they sing your praises and act as your one-woman or one-man marketing team, simply because they believe in you and your services.

In order to reach your target customer, you need to change the way you communicate.

You need to write for your target customer, not the whole world.

Eliminating potential customers can be scary, but even the best products are not suited for everyone. For instance:

  • The budget-minded consumer isn’t interested in the services of a luxury concierge business.
  • A restaurant that offers delivery service should only advertise to customers inside its geographic delivery range.
  • A homeowner, rather than a renter, is more likely to employ the services of an interior designer.
  • And going back to the Rodan & Fields consultant, high school or college-aged women aren’t interested in anti-aging skincare products.


By developing a client or customer profile you are able to shape your website content to target the people who are going to LOVE your products or services. In doing so, you will increase sales the smart way.

Is your current website content written with your target customer in mind? If you’ve been writing for EVERYONE instead of for that ONE special person, you need to rethink your approach. If you need help narrowing your focus and re-writing your website copy to target your ideal customer, I am here to help. Think of me as your matchmaker. I help connect you with your loyal customers, and I help your customers find products they won’t want to live without.

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